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A file with a NOMEDIA format and extension is created by the Android Operating System for its storage devices or removable cards to indicate that there is no data or files located inside that folder, in order to prevent multimedia players from scanning inside said folder when run indexed searches.

To avoid delays when viewing the gallery and multimedia content, Android periodically sweeps the internal memory and microSD of the device to locate multimedia files and that when accessing the Gallery, we do not have to wait for them to load the content.

NOMEDIA files do not have a name per se, only the file with the extension .nomedia exists.

By telling the media player not to search within that folder, NOMEDIA files serve as performance optimizers for the computer and for the media task. NOMEDIA files are compatible with the vast majority of Android devices.

But not only do they indicate that the folder is empty, they basically indicate that the folder should not be scanned.

Therefore, its usefulness goes beyond the optimization of tasks, but also as an element of privacy and security.

Another of the utilities for this type of file consists of being placed inside the folders for the publicity of the free applications.

This prevents applications such as the gallery or the video player from reading these files.

Open a NOMEDIA file

It is not recommended to open a NOMEDIA file. This does not mean that there will be a problem. However, inside a file with this extension there is no useful information, so it is not worth it at all.

Create a NOMEDIA file

You can create and delete .nomedia files directly from your phone or tablet using the following applications

Delete a NOMEDIA file

It is actually as simple as deleting the file using one of the applications mentioned above.

Obviously if you delete the .nomedia file, every new file that enters that folder will be indexed. However, images before you remove the NOMEDIA file will not appear.

In order for them to be indexed again, you'll have to delete the media database and restart the terminal to force a re-scan of the media.

Get more information about how to open NOMEDIA file.

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If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.

File Extension Info

NOMEDIA Quick Info
  Marker for Non-Media folders
Opens with
  Any text editor or file explorer